Here's how YOU can help!

We still need your help, this project is ongoing. Donations are still needed for future expansion plans, lights for night skating, bleachers, etc...

Donations can be made at any Wachovia Bank. Simply tell them you would like to contribute to the "City of New Smyrna Beach Skatepark" account.

Want to contribute goods or services?
Please contact: or

Services/Funds Contributed by:
Volusia ECHO Grants-In-Aid
Tony Hawk Foundation

Misiano Construction & Remodeling Inc.
Team Pain Skateparks
ZevCohen & Associates
Garr Poe LLC
FL Webs
Kelly Lynn Graphic Design

Portfolio Project
Kelly Ball
Susan Renzulli
Donnie Owens Tree Service
Drenda Ownby - Ownby Real Estate
The Karnes family
The Coppola family
James Antes