The News Journal ran an article today on the Grand Opening and recent Florida Bowlriders Cup event held at the NSB Skatepark. Read the online version HERE.

See the results and photos from the Florida Bowlriders Cup HERE.

Our Grand Opening was held on Feb 28th and we had a huge turnout. Mayor Mackay said a few words and cut the ribbon next to the pool. NSBSkate comittee members Tony Misiano, Kelly Lynn, Mike Duncan & Danny Young were honored to take the first runs in the pool as city officials and spectators looked on! Ex pro skater Tom Groholski was present and joined in on the inaugural bowl session. See photos from the Grand Opening at the links below. Thank you to Tim Ebaugh, Gordon Chippewa, Burns, Jay Lovett & Renee Richards for providing some great photos.
Gallery #1 - Gallery #2

The Hometown News ran a small article on the skatepark today. Read the online version HERE.

The Official Grand Opening Celebration is now planned for Saturday, Feb. 28th.

Checkout the latest photo gallery of the completed concrete work at the park on our Gallery Page.

WE HAVE A SKATEPARK! Team Pain has finished and the park is truely a masterpiece! Currently Misiano Construction is putting some finishing touches on the park, landscaping, sod, parking lot, entrance sign, vendor building, bathrooms, etc... Our target opening date is for Feb 20th. There will be a Grand Opening Celebration at the park that day from 1-6pm. There will be food, live bands and of course lots and lots of SKATEBOARDING! This will be a very proud day for the skaters of NSB, come out and join the celebration! More details will be posted as they are available.

A big THANK YOU to JT with Portfolio Project for stepping up and donating a custom Skateable Art piece created by Team Pain. A few local volunteers recently helped out pouring some additional concrete to accomodate this new element at the skatepark. Checkout Team Pains " SkateArt ".

Bowl construction is looking good, the deep end pocket was shot this morning!

Bowl construction video.

Bowl construction video.

Early Street Area and Bowl construction video.

Updated Bowl Design!

That white pipe is the pool drain. Fill dirt starts coming in today!

Land clearing is done! Pool drain install and fill dirt is next!
See the Latest Photos on the Gallery page!

Land clearing has begun! Pics in the Gallery.


Our Groundbreaking Ceremony was held on August 7, 2008. We had a great turnout and photos were taken for the local Newspaper. Vice Mayor Randy Richenburg started things off by thanking NSBSkate members and the appropriate City Officials for their involvement in this very worthy project. Thank you to everyone who showed up to show support and participate in the Ceremony. Stay tuned for updates on the park as construction progresses. We are officially on our way folks! See photos & video from the ceremony HERE.

It's Official!!!! Misiano Construction & Remodeling, Inc., along with Team Pain Enterprises has been awarded the contract to build the New Smyrna Beach Skate Park.

A lot of people did a lot to make this thing happen, some of those include Mike "Walrus" Duncan, Kelly Lynn, Susan Renzuli and Kelly Ball starting the process over 5 years ago of making this into a reality and raising funds. Danny Young and his company Zev Cohen & Associates donated a lot of services to finding us a useful way to develop our land. Team Pain helped out immensely by coming up with the design, and devoting countless hours. Ian Bellafiore and myself came into the NSB skate park committee about 2 years ago and were just in time to help to apply for a grant, which we wound up getting from the county. We also got a Tony Hawk grant to help out with expenses. And now my company was awarded the contract to make it happen, via Team Pain!

Finally, East Coast Florida will have a worth while skate park along 95 between St Augustine and Cocoa. The pool is designed by the combined efforts of Kelly Lynn and Tito P. It is going to kick ass! Tile and Pool coping. The flow area 'may' have some original features, being "the shark bite capital of the world" and all. NSB is on the map. We will now have a killer concrete skate park, free, open to the public sun up to sun down... fenced. Total surf and turf destination being right between NSB inlet and Ponce Inlet.

Tony Misiano

Our skatepark project continues to move forward. Our site plan has been approved and we now have a final skatepark design that will make our park a standout in the skateboard community. For more info check the News & Events page. Keep the Faith - NSBSkate